We GET TO Do This with Angie Rodriguez

Rachel Volk, October 20 2020

Now that we’ve gotten to know a little more about Coach Monica Brandt, the original 20 Mile CrossFit owner, let’s take a peek at the story of another member of the 20 Mile ownership quartet—Angie Rodriguez. Angie was born on the Air Force base in Omaha, moved to Colorado when she was two and was raised in south Denver. With the exception of a short...

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20 Mile’s OG Owner!!

Rachel Volk, October 13 2020

Back in the “olden” days… you know before 2020 and all this crazy pandemic business, 20 Mile did some really fun stuff… like BBQs at the gym, CrossFit Open Announcement parties, workout showdowns, competitions and so much more. It was the way 20 Mile CrossFit members connected. AMers and PMers got to hangout, you could meet the families of your wor...

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Gym Update

Brooke, September 4 2020

We have enjoyed the Ranch for the last few months – thanks to the Campos family and Monica Brandt! But alas, the weather and lack of daylight is driving us back inside. We will be back at 20 Mile starting Tuesday (9/8). We were hoping the mask mandate would be lifted before we had to venture in, but it hasn’t happened yet. We will require that ever...

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Programming for Complete Fitness

Rachel Volk, August 27 2020

Did you know there are TEN different components of complete fitness?* The crazy thing is, a well-rounded Functional Fitness or CrossFit training program, aims to address all ten areas. Needless to say, programing workouts that effectively incorporate so many different components, while simultaneously teaching athletes to push themselves and take th...

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Adapting to the Mask Mandate

Rachel Volk, July 20 2020

The Colorado Mask Mandate is now in full effect and, as expected, working out in a mask is… less than ideal. (Read the full post about the mandate here.) So, yet again, 20 Mile Fitness Collective is going to pivot and adapt! Here’s the plan: Starting Tuesday (7/21) we will hold four coached classes a day M-F outside at Chula Vista Ranch. The workou...

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