Brooke, September 4 2020

Gym Update

We have enjoyed the Ranch for the last few months – thanks to the Campos family and Monica Brandt!

But alas, the weather and lack of daylight is driving us back inside. We will be back at 20 Mile starting Tuesday (9/8). We were hoping the mask mandate would be lifted before we had to venture in, but it hasn’t happened yet. We will require that everyone wear masks for classes unless their breathing is compromised during the metcon. Otherwise it needs to be worn at all times including; warm up, strength/skill and cool down (if this poses an issue for you please reach out to an owner). Athletes also need to workout within their defined space and practice social distancing.

There will be a Ranch WOD on Saturday (9/5) and one FINAL Ranch WOD on Monday (9/7) at 9:00am for Labor Day – no other classes will be offered on Monday but Open Access will be available at the gym.

As always, classes need to be signed up for in advance. We are currently working on updating ZenPlanner but everything should look correct by Sunday (and Monday’s schedule is accurate so sign up for the last Ranch WOD now!).

We will be adding the 8:30am class back so there will be no open access at that time anymore. All other classes will remain as is.

Thanks again for hanging on for this wild ride. If there are any suggestions or thoughts that you have please let us know. You can always email us at 20milexfit@gmail.com. 

~ Monica, Angie, Brooke and TJ

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