What Does the New Mask Mandate Mean for 20 Mile?

Rachel Volk, July 17 2020

Today, Governor Jared Polis issued a statewide mandate requiring Coloradans to wear masks while in indoor public places. The mandate is no surprise after recent talk in the media about a resurgence of Coronavirus cases in Colorado. But what exactly does this mandate mean for 20 Mile Fitness Collective?

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Transformation Story: Scott

Laura Elizabeth, July 16 2020

When did you start at 20 Mile CrossFit? ‍‍‍I started at 20 Mile in October of 2015.2. Why did you start CrossFit/20Mile? I had been cherry picking main site WODs and doing them for a year or two and really enjoyed the workout style of CrossFit versus anything else I had ever done. At that point however, I was about to hit another birthday, with ano...

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Transformation Story: Brett

Laura Elizabeth, July 14 2020

When did you start at 20 Mile CrossFit: I started in the 2nd half of July 2016. After years of traditional weight training and conditioning I was looking for something that would offer me a change from my routine and challenge me with new ways of pushing my body and mind to achieve my fitness goals. I had tried CF type workouts sporadically through...

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Recipe: Salsa Verde Beef Stew

Coach Angie, July 9 2020

This recipe is quick, easy and delicious! Made from wholesome ingredients, it's the perfect option to take care of your hankering for yummy Mexican style food. INGREDIENTS To cook in the InstaPot Pour the cooking oil into the bowl and turn pot to sauté. Put beef in and brown on all sides. Put other ingredients into the bowl. Stir well. There is not...

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Transformation Story: Laura

Laura Elizabeth, July 1 2020

When did you start CF:  ‍‍‍I started CF in the 2nd half of July 2016. I was looking for a change. I had just finished competing in my first NPC Bikini competition in April and I wasn’t feeling motivated in the gym to really give it my all and was just g‍‍‍oing through the motions. I also wanted to get stronger and knew I needed to step outside of m...

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Recipe: Jalapeño Popper Chili

Coach Angie, June 26 2020

INGREDIENTS DIRECTIONS Place all the ingredients except the scallion, avocado and goat cheese in the slow cooker and cook on low 8 hours. When done, break up the ground meat with a wooden spoon and add half of the goat cheese if using. If you have frail taste buds leave the red pepper flakes out, you will have heat from the jalapenos. If you are li...

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Transformation Story: Tanya

Laura Elizabeth, June 22 2020

When did you start CrossFit? Dec 8, 2015 - about a week after I turned 48 2. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I had been going to the globo gym across the street, doing elliptical, spin class, or kettlebell workouts I found online but I hit a wall. I wasn't seeing results and my motivation was tanking. My partner had started CrossFit a...

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