Rachel Volk, August 27 2020

Programming for Complete Fitness

Did you know there are TEN different components of complete fitness?* 

The crazy thing is, a well-rounded Functional Fitness or CrossFit training program, aims to address all ten areas. Needless to say, programing workouts that effectively incorporate so many different components, while simultaneously teaching athletes to push themselves and take their fitness to the next level is no easy task. 

20 Mile Fitness Programming 

Thank goodness 20 Mile Fitness Collective has built an amazing team of trainers who are well versed in developing and sourcing complex and effective training program. Together they have a proven track record of creating well-rounded programming that has helped 20 Mile athletes be better than yesterday, no matter their strengths or current fitness level. 

Historically, 20 Mile trainers have each taken the reins to mastermind 10, 12 or 16-week training programs either creating them originally, utilizing preexisting programs or taking a hybrid approach and doing a little of both. As the programing rotates between trainers, athletes have seen a slightly different flavor in the style and approach to the WODs being created. This has been an amazing benefit to 20 Mile members, because it has allowed athletes to widen their scope of fitness. 

Kristin Prilipp, our beloved CFL1 certified coach, stepped up to take on the latest 20 Mile Fitness Collective programming rotation. In general CrossFit programming is a difficult undertaking, however the last few months in the CrossFit world have presented an extensive set of challenges that have made programming even more difficult—gym shutdowns, social distance regulations, mask mandates, outdoor workouts, etc.

Somehow Kristin has handed the roller coaster like a champ managing to make 20 Mile Fitness Collective workouts both challenging and fun over the course of the last 16-weeks. How has she done it? 

When I program, I start with a list of goals. I look at what movements need to be incorporated to accomplish those goals. I figure out how to add in strength work, often incorporating different, alternating movements that will build from week to week. I make sure we have WODs with different focuses each week—gymnastics, long, heavy and sprint. Then I generally review other training programs such as CompTrain to see if any of their WODs align with 20 Mile’s training goals. I will modify and incorporate those, and then fill in the gaps.

The last few months have definitely provided a unique set of circumstances for our athletes and have made programing even more challenging than usual. When the gym was finally able to open back up right after the quarantine, it was really important WODs were fun, that they were difficult, but also not too strenuous, because most member had not been working out with the same level of intensity as usual. Those first weeks back, I really tried to make the workouts enjoyable and incorporate movements most athletes couldn’t do at home—barbell work, gymnastics, etc.—while still being conscious of the fact everyone was building back up again. 

Now with the split gym situation where we have some 20 Mile athletes training at the Ranch and others working out independently at the gym, I have a whole different set of circumstances to consider when programming. I have to account for what equipment, and how much, is at the Ranch (i.e. we do not have wall ball targets out there and there is a limited around of dumbbells), while also considering the limitations we have at the gym (i.e. no bar dropping except for on Fridays, etc.). Then, as always, I work to make sure workouts are fun and scalable, while also making sure the WODS will provide 20 Mile athletes the ability to improve their fitness.

I would be lying if I said programming hasn't been a lot of work, however it is so amazing to see the satisfied, accomplished, happy smiles on our athletes faces after they complete a challenging WOD. Those smiles make the hard work 100% worth it!  

New Beginnings: Speal Programming 

The programming provided by 20 Mile coaches over the course of the last several years has been exceptional. We have seen massive growth in 20 Mile athletes on a number of levels. In attempt to keep the momentum going, 20 Mile has made the decision to try a fresh approach to our CrossFit classes. With so many incredible CrossFit programs already in existence, we have decided to take a break from creating original programming, and try following the programs of some other world class athletes and gyms.

After reviewing several options, we have decided Speal Programming will be the perfect, well-rounded place for 20 Mile to start. This system is devised by Chris Spealler, an OG CrossFit Games athlete and gym owner in Park City. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to effectively incorporating a variety of components of fitness to help athletes achieve goals and experience a new level of success. We can not wait to see this new program continue to transform 20 Mile athletes in new and exciting ways.  

A big THANK YOU to Kristin and all the 20 Mile coaches who have taken the reins on programming and put in the effort to help make us better athletes. I think I can speak on behalf of all our members when I say, we appreciate you a TON! We look forward to September marking a new beginning for 20 Mile, and can't wait to see how Speal Programming make us all BETTER THAN YESTERDAY!     

*The Ten Components of Complete Fitness

Written by

Rachel Volk

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