Laura Elizabeth, July 14 2020

Transformation Story: Brett

When did you start at 20 Mile CrossFit: I started in the 2nd half of July 2016. After years of traditional weight training and conditioning I was looking for something that would offer me a change from my routine and challenge me with new ways of pushing my body and mind to achieve my fitness goals. I had tried CF type workouts sporadically throughout the years and it seemed like the right time to fully commit to the program and see where CF could take me in my fitness goals.   

Before CF Vs. Now: I have been battling though both mechanical injuries and illness that I suffered from during my time in the military, my weight and strength have fluctuated dramatically in the last few years. I was making progress in improving my health before CF but with the help of the coaches in combination with physical therapy I have seen some great improvements in both my range of motion and the amount of weight I can move in certain lifts. I have been very happy with the progress I have made and am looking forward to seeing how the combination of lifting and conditioning together transfers into practical applications like skiing this season.  

Favorite CF Moment:  When I started at 20 Mile due to old injuries I could only do about a 15 pound squat snatch, after a couple months of hard work and good coaching I have been able to increase that weight to over a hundred pounds on a good day.

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Laura Elizabeth

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