Laura Elizabeth, August 9 2020

Transformation Story: Joni

When did you start CrossFit? I started Crossfit about a week before the Open in Feb 2016. I started at 20 Mile in June 2016, after the first gym I belonged to closed. I was devastated when my old gym closed. I tried to go back to the "regular gym" and hated it. My friends Sam and Beth (who are AMAZING!) had tried out 20 Mile and invited me to give it a try. I loved my 9:30 peeps from Day One!! 

Before CF vs. Now: I have lost 30 LBS people! It's crazy!What really motivated me was 2 things: First-meeting Pam and Kristin. I was so inspired by their abilities! They are able to do things I really thought impossible for a 30-something woman. I wanted to be just like them! Second-I needed to lose weight to do a pull-up! It was empowering to have goals outside of "wanting to be skinny." (Nothing wrong with that though!). We signed up for Girls Gone Rx and I knew there would be pull-ups at that comp. I worked really hard to be able to help my team with those dang pull-ups.   

Crossfit has taught me to love my body and all that it can do. That's a great feeling. 

Girls Gone Rx is my favorite moment thus far. It was my whole teams first comp and we had no idea what we were in for! We were like giddy school children all day! Love those ladies! Most fun ever. I can't wait to go back! I must say I love the people I workout with! They make me laugh and smile everyday! Crossfit alone in my garage would suck. I need my people. 

Favorite and Least Favorite CF Movement: I LOVE squats! And any movement that involves the barbell. I hate all the gymnastic stuff. T2b, pull-ups, handstand anythings-because I am horrible at them!

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