Laura Elizabeth, July 16 2020

Transformation Story: Scott

When did you start at 20 Mile CrossFit? ‍‍‍I started at 20 Mile in October of 2015.2. Why did you start CrossFit/20Mile? I had been cherry picking main site WODs and doing them for a year or two and really enjoyed the workout style of CrossFit versus anything else I had ever done. At that point however, I was about to hit another birthday, with another year of not seeing the results and progress I wanted to. I had always wanted to join a box but naively told myself that I was getting the same workout on my own, I mean, how different c‍‍‍ould it be? Finally I convinced myself to give it a shot for a week and see if I was right all that time. I was not.   

Life before CF vs. Now: When I joined, I was hovering around 270 lbs and carrying that in all the wrong places.  So far I am down to 235 lbs., almost two waist sizes, and am stronger and have more endurance than I've ever had in my life.   Beyond the physical changes, this gym and this family have been something so special to me.  Suffice to say that since joining 20 Mile, life outside the gym has been a mixed bag but in 20 mile, I've found a place that feels like home away from home.  It has changed my attitude in and out of the gym to strive to be better every single day.  Whether it is by a little or by a lot, every day provides another opportunity to improve.  Each coach drives to get the best from all of us and each member is so positive and uplifting.  Even on my worst days, coming into 20 mile will undoubtedly put a smile on my face. 

Favorite CF Moment: With everything in play from putting trolls in headbands to hitting PRs and entering my first ever competition this summer, it's hard to pick just one but I'd have to say it's that moment when the countdown hits 5 seconds before we start and I get to let out that big "WOOOO!!!". Get's me fired up every time! 

Favorite and Least Favorite CF Movement:  Favorite - Deadlift!  Was there a doubt?  It's my favorite because all you have to do is pick it up.  Seems simple enough...Least Favorite - Overhead squat.  Just gross.

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Laura Elizabeth

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