Laura Elizabeth, June 22 2020

Transformation Story: Tanya

When did you start CrossFit? Dec 8, 2015 - about a week after I turned 48 2. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I had been going to the globo gym across the street, doing elliptical, spin class, or kettlebell workouts I found online but I hit a wall. I wasn't seeing results and my motivation was tanking. My partner had started CrossFit at a boot camp and took me to a class and I was hooked. The schedule at that box didn't work for me so I set out to visit locations close to work or on my way home. 20 Mile was my first stop, on a Thursday. Dylan and Stevie were so welcoming - I really liked the smaller class size, and the vibe in general. I never considered going any place else!  

Before CF vs. Now: Physically, nothing has changed me like CrossFit. I've seen my knee pain improve I've had fewer issues with my back. It has really helped me cope with stress better. There is nothing like stepping into the box and having my mind just clear. It's impossible to think about anything else except the WOD when you're doing the WOD. And it really feels good to know I'm stronger now than I was a year ago, stronger than I thought, and can do things many people my age cannot. I completed the Spartan Sprint in Breckenridge this year - something I never would have considered trying before I started CF (Pictured!) My goal is to complete the Trifecta (Sprint, Super, Beast all in the same calendar year) in 2018 when I'm 50. 

Favorite and Least Favorite CF Movement: Favorite - KBS It's one of the few that I can Rx on a regular basis!  Least Favorite - Burpees over the Bar. I struggle with burpees as it is - I'm slow. But I'm so paranoid about catching a toe going over the bar that I have to stand completely upright, even on laterals, to be sure I jump high enough. (close runner up: Double Unders b/c I can't seem to get them!)

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Laura Elizabeth

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