Rachel Volk, October 20 2020

We GET TO Do This with Angie Rodriguez

Now that we’ve gotten to know a little more about Coach Monica Brandt, the original 20 Mile CrossFit owner, let’s take a peek at the story of another member of the 20 Mile ownership quartet—Angie Rodriguez. 

A Colorado Girl at Heart

Angie was born on the Air Force base in Omaha, moved to Colorado when she was two and was raised in south Denver. With the exception of a short stint living with her mom in California, and another rendezvous in Oklahoma when her dad was in dental school, she has always been a Colorado girl. Growing up, Angie was primarily a dancer and a cheerleader. She did try basketball for a season, “which was a bit of a disaster” (her words not mine), and played volleyball for a few seasons, but for the most part she was in her element cheering and getting her groove on (which is no surprise to those who know Angie well). She also spend a fair amount of time horseback riding as a kid—seeing as Douglas County was cow country back then, it was a natural choice.  

From Mom to CrossFit Mom

Angie decided to try out CrossFit in 2012 after motherhood and pregnancy had caused her to gain quite a bit of extra weight. She had been doing P90X and Insanity in her basement, but wasn’t able to shed the extra pounds and just didn’t feel very good physically or mentally. Her brother dragged her to a CrossFit class one Saturday morning, and that was the first day of the rest of her life!

It didn’t take Angie long to fully invest in the CrossFit community, first as a member and then as a coach. She really believed in the sport because she saw the incredible impact it had on her life, and on the lives of those around her. She saw people change from the inside out—their bodies and their mindsets. It was important to her to be part of that, encouraging others on their journey.

A No Brainer Decision

When the opportunity to become a partial owner of the gym arose shortly after Monica bought it in 2013, Angie didn’t have to think twice. Outside of bing a mom, CrossFit was her biggest passion, not just the sport, but the people.   

Never a Dull Moment 

Today Angie is a busy lady! She not only owns and helps manage 20 Mile CrossFit, she also works full-time as an Office Manager for a Colorado based maintenance business, owns her own printing and promotional product business (so if you need branded promotional products or custom printed shirts, Angie is your gal, her stuff is AMAZING!) and is the mom of two beautiful girls, 14- and 10-years-old. And yes, for those of you who were wondering, Angie is dating Mike Jenne, another one of our beloved 20 Mile CrossFit athletes. 

Love What You Do

Gym ownership is harder than Angie anticipated when she became part of 20 Mile’s ownership team, but she continues to put her heart and soul into the community because the rewards are 100 percent worth the work.

Honestly, when you love what you do and who you do it for, it’s not really work at all. I continue to invest in this community because I want to keep giving back what I have received from it. It is truly my happy place. I don’t know how else to describe it. Teaching a Foundations Classe and getting to be part of someone’s VERY FRIST CrossFit workout is such a an honor, every single time. It is moments like these that continue to fill my cup and make all the hard work and heartache worth it. 

When I asked Angie if there was something she wanted to pass along to 20 Mile members this is what she said: 

I want our members to know that they have a home here at 20 Mile. With all that is going on in the world, this place is safe. We are all different religiously, politically, racially. We are at different stages in life. We are singles, marrieds, and some are engaged. We have children and we don’t. We have different nutritional goals. We have different world views. But something happens when we come together and none of that matters. We  encourage each other, respect one another, are here for each other. We want to see each other do well. We support each other even outside the gym. It’s like what happens around the dinner table at home. We come together like family. Everyone has a place at 20 Mile and when we are here, none of the outside stuff matters. We are family. 

Before we wrap up, it wouldn’t be fair to highlight Angie without mentioning incredible comeback story. Her story is no short of a miracle and is an incredible testimony to us all. Read the full story here

Stay tuned for a couple more owner stories coming at you soon! 

Written by

Rachel Volk

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