The decision to begin a new exercise program should be based on research and knowledge. Finding a program that is equal parts fun, safe and effective is essential to experiencing lasting results. At 20 Mile Fitness Collective, we know no two athlete are the same, so we have create a variety of different fitness programs to meet the needs of as many athlete as possible.

Wether you choose just one 20 Mile Fitness Collective program, or you piece together several to customize your fitness routine, rest assured our welcoming and supportive community will be here cheer you on. When you come to 20 Mile, you will get to workout along side some of the most amazing and generous people you’ve ever met.

Welcome to 20 Mile Fitness Collective!


20 Mile Programs

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Private Training

For athletes looking for help identifying and reaching individual goals, 20 Mile Fitness Collective offers one-on-one personal training with experienced, certified coaches. Whether you are looking to improve your Olympic-lifting technique, develop gymnastics skills, increase mobility, or simply need assistance with customizing your pacing strategy, we can help! Click here to email us for more information.

Open Access

Open Access is an add on feature that supplements any 20 Mile Fitness Collective Class Membership. Members who opt into Open Access have the ability to utilize gym space whenever classes are not in session between the hours of 4:40am and 9:30pm. Open Access is a great option for athletes who may not be able to attend a class, but still want to complete a WOD, or for those who want to spend extra time working on a specific skill. Click here for pricing.

We encourage 20 Mile athletes to not only hit it hard during CrossFit and QuickFit classes, but to also be mindful of how they treat their bodies as a whole. One avenue is through yoga and active recovery. We have two Yoga Alliance certified coaches on staff who host live and virtual yoga classes for 20 Mile Fitness Collective members. Click here to find our next yoga class.

QuickFit is a high intensity circuit class that focuses on both cardio and strength. These powerful workouts keep your heart rate up and leave you feeling accomplished. QuickFit is an excellent stand alone fitness program, but also provides a great supplement to programed CrossFit WOD's for those looking to further their fitness by enhancing endurance and cardio conditioning. If the thought of Olympic Weight Lifting seems intimidating, QuickFit is a great place to start. Interested in trying QuickFit? Click here to sign up for a FREE class.



20 Mile Fitness Collective CrossFit classes follow a daily Workout of the Day (WOD) format. CrossFit programming is done in-house by certified coaches to ensure WODs are in tune with the needs of 20 Mile members. WODs are built on the pillars of cardiovascular respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Movements come from diverse backgrounds like Power-lifting, Olympic-lifting, Gymnastics, Cardio-training and emphasize functionality over muscle isolation. Athletes who attend CrossFit classes learn to properly perform squats, lifts, pulls and other movements. All movements can be scaled and modified to ensure workouts meet the individual needs of each athlete, no matter where they are in their fitness journey. Click here to see today's WOD.